Hospital Project

  • Turnkey solutions for operating theatres
  • Imported operating tables
  • Imported operating lights
  • Critical care equipment like ventilators and anesthesia workstations.

Project OPTISPACE at Karuna Hospital

  • Speciality tables / general tables
  • Sugita head frames
  • Spinal surgery position leaders
  • Special neuro surgery tables 7300 series
  • Reliable and sturdy design

Speciality tables -

  • PRO-AXIS - World’s first hinged table for spinal surgeries
  • TRIOS - Seamless imaging capabilities for interventional radilogical surgeries in spine and ortho disciplines

  • Gives 5 years warranty on light heads
  • Aluminium casting light heads for good heat disipation
  • Color temperature variant
  • Long life , high quality.
  • Highest cri more than 97 in the industry
  • Best quality

Pre-Fabricated Modular OT offers the advantage of speedy construction, high quality finish in prevention of contamination build up, long durability, robust and flexibility design for future expansion, ease of maintenance etc.

The pre-engineered modular Operation Theatre solves the problem of infections.

In addition to it the modular design and construction allows for the installation and support of all equipment and the provision of opening required for the installation, without affecting rigidity and strength. All the sharp edges and corners will be in radius to avoid bacteria contamination.

Advantages –

  • Dust – free installation meeting EU/Indian Norms.
  • Smooth-surface, easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Safety during the installation (minimum dangerous works on site).
  • Accuracy of individual parts of the system
  • Easy upgrade in future.
  • Simple identification of all products at site, thanks to a detail designed documentation.
  • No sharp edges, no manual cutting.
  • Products are made mainly from fully re-cyclable materials.
  • Reduce down time by more than 75%.
  • Portable Nitric Oxide Measurement Device
  • Unique system for measurement of exhaled nitric oxide as a marker for lower respiratory tract inflammation – ten seconds
  • Test with results in less than 2 minutes
  • Vein-Illumination Device
  • US FDA approved hand held device for vein illumination.
  • Helps in locating the vein for vein puncture, finding valves & bi-furcation
  • Light weight device, quickly converts from handheld to hands free
  • Zero maintenance