• Kopran Laboratories Ltd. is a 35 year old Instrumentation Company with strong presence in the Medical Fraternity.
  • We market products & provide automation solutions in the healthcare industry to hospitals, diagnostic centers, path labs & medical centers.
  • Kopran has introduced products of many multinational companies in the Indian market.
  • We are part of Parijat Enterprises, a successful conglomerate in India having companies in diverse industries.


Our Products

Diagnostics Division

  • High speed instrumentation to cater to mid to very high workloads.
  • Complete reagent profile for over 200 critical tests.
  • Superior prognostic value of risk assessment of patients (for cardiac & sepsis).

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Hospital Infrastructure Division

  • Pneumatic tube transport system specially designed for hospitals & medical application.
  • Pneumatic tube systems provides the means to optimize your organization's internal logistics, by increasing productivity in all the aspects of internal transport of materials.

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Hospital Project Division

  • Turnkey solutions for operating theatres
  • Imported operating tables
  • Imported operating lights
  • Critical care equipment like ventilators and anesthesia workstations.

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Our Clients