Hospital Infrastructure

  • Pneumatic tube transport system specially designed for hospitals & medical application
  • Telecom – Medical Tube Systems At the heart of the modern hospital

Pneumatic tube systems provides the means to optimize your organization’s internal logistics, by increasing productivity in all the aspects of internal transport of materials that fit in a carrier and weight up to 8 Kg.

Examples of frequent transport use at our customers

  • Sample collection
  • Medicines distribution
  • Small goods handling

Different Types of Stations

The Medical Tube Station have an ergonomic design and are easy to operate. Authorized sending and receiving is also possible because the system recognizes staff, carriers and carrier content.

All stations require minimal service because of maintenance free parts, such as: the complete gear mechanism, all bearings, selfadjusting seals and failure-free reed contacts. Automatic sending and receiving is available on all stations.

Automated Pharmacy System

The automated pharmacy system distributes medicines from central point to multiple distribution points. At the send station, a user or robot fills the station from above, which fills the open carrier and send it to a distribution point.

At the receiving station, the carrier drops the medicines in a soft delivery area and goes back automatically.